Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Tweetsie Trail

The first phase of the Tweetsie Trail is scheduled to be opened to the public with an inaugural Walk/Run on Saturday, August 30, 2014 (Labor Day weekend). The
 trail follows the old "Tweetsie" railroad line connecting Johnson City to Elizabethton, TN. The first phase is 4.5 miles long, but when the entire project is complete it will be 10 miles long.

The trail itself is fantastic -- very wide, with compacted, fine gravel perfect for walking, jogging and bike riding. Along the way, you'll traverse through beautiful woodland settings and farms and over bridges.  This project has been years in its planning and execution and will provide great recreational opportunities to the residents of both communities.

Pictured (above left) is a replica of the original Milligan depot that stood about a half mile from the College. It will eventually have a bench and signage.

To sign up to take part in the inagural trek, click here.

Additional photos can be found on the Tweetsie Trail Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you I had seen the signs for the Tweetsie Trail in Elizabethton but even when I tried finding out more about the TT on the web details were hard to find. Know I know more and look forward to making the walk someday.


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