Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hampton Cove Creek

Hampton Cove Creek is a bit off the beaten path. Not often visited, but a gorgeous place to hike. Most everyone comes to Roan Mountain for the balds and the Rhododendren Gardens, but this gem, found outside the actual town of Roan Mountain, TN, is worth looking into. Click here for information and directions.

It's a unique place to hike because the lower part of the hike takes you through a working farm. So you open and close gates as you go and find yourself walking next to cows and horses.

I haven't ever gone all the way to Yellow Mountain Gap from this direction, but that's where this trail (part of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail) leads. Doing so would put you very close to the Overmountain Shelter (aka 'The Barn').  The trail is not really well marked, so I'd recommend studying the map found at the trailhead (or at the link above) before heading out. Depending on the season, the initial part of the trail can be muddy and weedy.

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