Thursday, March 10, 2016

Changes to Lower Higgins Creek

With the purchase of the expansive Rocky Fork tract in Unicoi County, TN and the recent creation of the Rocky Fork State Park, efforts are underway to  make it more accessible to larger numbers of visitors. On the northern edge of the park, at the Lower Higgins Creek entrance, you can see a great deal of work is underway: the rickety, old bridge has been replaced and the road leading into the park has been widened. I'm happy to see more people visiting and enjoying the area, and the new bridge was desperately needed. I'll miss the wildflowers that used to line the path in this section of the park. Things are in pretty rough shape at this point, and parking still limited. But clearly changes and improvements are underway.

The top photo is of the first waterfall you come to, Lower Higgins Creek Falls (100 ft tall). The second is of the area where the new bridge was installed. Next is the widened road leading into the park. The bottom photo is of the turn around area where the road ends and a new gate has been installed.

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