Saturday, January 20, 2007

Spivey Falls & Big Creek Falls

Lower Spivey Falls is located on private property, which is really a shame. It’s not that the current custodians of this natural treasure are not doing a good job maintaining the falls. They are. It’s just that something this beautiful ought to be part of a national park. This is actually Lower Spivey Falls, as it is part of a series of four large waterfalls, all privately owned. (Here's a shot of the main falls and the upper falls). There is a place to park, but visitors are not allowed beyond the gate. Even from this distance, the falls are impressive and it's possible to zoom in and get a good shot.

While you’re at it, you ought to continue on Spivey Mountain Road (19W) just a little ways over the mountain to Big Creek Falls on the North Carolina side. It’s right next to 19W on the right side of the road. It may not sound pretty being right next to the road, but it’s actually a unique looking waterfall. Pictures can be taken from either side of the creek. It’s open to the sky, so again, as with all waterfall photography, a cloudy day is preferred. I should listen to my own advice, because today the sun was beating down on the waterfall and I really didn’t get much. Below is a shot I took a few weeks ago when there was more water in the creek and the sky was overcast.

Directions: From I-26, take the Temple Hill exit (#43) south of Erwin. At the stop sign, turn right onto 19/23. Go 1.1 mile until the road forks. Turn to the left, taking 19W for 3.4 miles and then turn right on Chandler Cove Road. You won’t miss Spivey Falls 1/3 of a mile in front of you. To continue on to Big Creek Falls, turn right onto 19W when exiting Chandler Cove Road. Continue 7.3 miles, falls located on the right.

Click here to see another post listing the various destinations along Spivey Mountain Road.


  1. thanks for sharing these photos. My family and I have visited these waterfalls for many years. In fact some of us have been posting our pictures of lower Spivey on Facebook. We have all noticed that the water coming down the rocks looks like an Indian. I just posed one on my wall that looks like a face in the rocks. Pretty cool stuff.


  2. I grew up on Spivey Mountain, right underneath Raven's Cliff. I have been to all the falls and I must say it is a shame that they aren't shared with the world but at the same time I look at how the beauty of many other falls have been tarnished and many people killed, perhaps it is better that this beauty is not spoiled.

  3. Fall Branch Falls: , was open to the public and the owner closed it due to the trash being left by visitors. Private property is usually always cared for more by the owner than Public property.


  5. My Brother died there while renting the cabin below. He was climbing when it said danger don't climb...

  6. My Brother died there while renting the cabin below. He was climbing when it said danger don't climb...


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