Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Linville Gorge

This is a photo of Milligan College photography student Michael Kaal, taken this past weekend on Table Rock overlooking the Linville Gorge in western North Carolina. It's one of the most dramatic 360 degree views you'll find anywhere in our region -- absolutely stunning. To get to there is a fairly short (1 mile), moderately steep hike. Table Rock isn't flat like you'd assume from its name or from its profile as seen from Wiseman's View on the other side of the gorge. But it's a very fun place to explore -- lots of rock out-croppings to climb around and amazing views in every direction. If you're around the Linville Falls area on the Blue Ridge Parkway and want to check out Table Rock, click here for directions. Linville Gorge is also a favorite destination for rock climbers -- click here for more.

1 comment:

  1. Another awesome pic -- you've been on a roll in September.

    And thanks for the link to Michael's homepage. I never get enough of the views. Now I just wait patiently for the day I can retire to my little hillside in south Greene, where I can enjoy the daily views and excursions to all the places you're implanting in my memory.


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