Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look Alive

Look alive. Here comes a buzzard.
--Lady Stella Reading

In the last month a roost of Turkey Vultures (a.k.a. Turkey Buzzards) have appeared in the woods behind my house. I'd say there's 20 or 30 of them. They eerily sit high on the branches of dead trees, just waiting, I guess, for someone or something to keel over. They don't bother people or pets (as long as they're living), so for now I don't mind my ghoulish, new neighbors. And as disturbing as they appear in the trees, they are absolutely stunning when they glide and circle -- with wingspans reaching up to 6 feet. They get their name because their red, featherless head gives the appearance of a turkey. And in case you were wondering, a bunch of vultures is called a venue. And when they're circling, they're called a kettle. There ya go, fun facts to impress your friends at work! Of course there's a Turkey Vulture Society where you can go and learn all about these interesting birds.

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