Sunday, February 22, 2009

more than we need

There seems to be so much more winter than we need this year.
--Kathleen Norris (b.1947) author

A small waterfall on Clear Fork on Unaka Mountain.


  1. I love your last three pictures, they completely caught me off guard. It's funny to think of you lying face flat to the ground for that shot...that's perfect!
    I went up to hike the Stamping Ground Ridge trail a week and a half ago and the Unaka Mtn Road was closed not too far up. :(
    So we went down to Limestone Cove and hiked up Limestone Cove Trail #30, but we didn't have as much time then so we never made it to the top, but it definitely was steep. We were looking for FS 230 that we were supposed to hit in 2 miles, but never found it. It felt like we went up more than 2 miles, though! I definitely want to go back and finish it.
    Do you know when they reopen Unaka Mtn Road, and is it closed in the winter from the other 395 side?

  2. Hi Joy - Yes, the Unaka Mtn Road is closed on both sides. I don't know if there's a set date to reopen it. You might check with the Ranger's Station in Unicoi. I've done much of that Limestone Cove hike up to Stamping Ground Ridge -- but I also had to turn around before I reached the top. It's a very steep hike! From what Hiking Bill says, the trail meets up with the Stamping Ground trail 3.7 miles up -- click here for more info...

  3. I think everyone was very pleased by this transaction. I am anxious to see if they actually relocate the A.T. though. Great website, I always enjoy visiting.


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