Friday, November 5, 2010

Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower

Finally made it up to the Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower which sets above the town of Unicoi, Tn. Efforts are now underway to restore the old fire tower for "its historical significance and the opportunity it brings for area tourism and outdoor recreation users." Part of the project includes the development a 4.5-mile trail connecting the tower to the trailhead to the future site of the Tanasi Arts & Heritage Center near Interstate 26 at Exit 32.  The tower is in pretty rough shape right now -- with the first flight of stairs having been removed -- keeping visitors from climbing the tower. Even so, there's a great view of the Unaka and Roan Mountains. Once completed, this will be a terrific hiking destination and a symbol for Unicoi County (even though the tower actually sits just within the Washington County border!)  Click here for more photos and directions from Hiking Bill. More photos here.

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  1. Give me a shout next time. Know that area well and would love to give you the grand tour. Hate that it has taken you so long to make it up there. My son and I actually climbed the tower one year, (don't tell anyone), and the views are amazing!


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