Friday, May 16, 2014

Return to High Rocks

Part of the view from atop High Rocks.
The impressive view from below.
I ventured out to High Rocks along the Appalachian Trail today -- a portion of the trail I haven't visited for awhile. Thought the rain had passed and I was in the clear. It's a two mile hike on the way back down the mountain from High Rocks. Going up, it seems twice that. Especially the last stretch when High Rocks is in sight and the climb keeps getting more steep -- like a circular staircase wrapping around the giant granite bolder. It's a workout.  The view would be much nicer on a clear day, but as it was, storm clouds were rolling in and sleet started to fall. Time to hurry back to the car.

The sun started to poke back out when I met up with these four thru-hikers (photo below) near the parking area at Spivey Gap. Didn't catch their trail names, but they did tell of the rough weather they endured on Big Bald yesterday and the bag of Oreo trail magic that miraculously appeared today. They're hoping for better weather as they approach the Roan balds. Happy trails!

Click here to see my initial post describing the hike, with driving directions to Spivey Gap.

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