Thursday, March 1, 2007

Roan Sunset

Yesterday's sunset as seen from Round Bald, just above Carver's Gap near Roan Mountain. The weather is always much cooler up in the mountains -- I was very glad I threw my winter coat and toboggan in the car before heading up the mountain. (For those "not from around here," a toboggan is what we call a winter hat). Round bald is one of a series of grassy mountain tops that are called balds because they are barren of trees -- they usually offer stunning views in all directions.

Directions: Take Route 19E to the town of Roan Mountain, turn onto Route 143 and travel 12.8 miles to the TN/NC state line (a.k.a. Carver's Gap). On your way up the mountain, you'll pass through the Roan Mountain State Park. Eventually, you leave the state park and enter the national forest. The Appalachian Trail, which crosses Carver's Gap, goes up Round Bald to your left. Since they've rerouted the AT in this area, the climb to the top of Round Bald is much easier and much more scenic.

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