Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ramsey Creek Falls

This beautiful twenty-foot waterfall is nestled in the western slopes of Buffalo Mountain in Washington County, TN on private property once operated by the Buffalo Mountain Camp. And while it's small compared to other waterfalls in our area, I love its spiral-stair shape and rocky setting. Click here to read my previous Ramsey post for directions and a description of the hike.

Photo data: Nikon D80 at 10mm, 1.3 sec. f/16 ISO: 200


  1. Beautiful to see!

    I remember going to church camp here when I was a youth. It is still a Methodist camp or do you know?

    Next time I am in town, I would love to revisit it and "...thanks for the memory", as Bob Hope said so eloquently. Sandy

  2. Yes, it is still a Methodist Camp -- they've done a lot of work there - the camp looks great!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing blog about Appalachia. I'm from Clinton and love seeing all your entries. Wondering if you have any plans for covering the Museum of Appalachia or Appalachian haunts this October? Would love to see things on that...either way...keep up the great work! I added you to my reader


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