Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turn, turn, turn

If you look closely, you'll occasionally find small whirlpools formed by the turning currents of creeks and waterfalls. To get the effect you see above, I simply threw in some green and brown leaves and left the shutter open for five seconds. I love when these shots work -- because then the 'hidden' water currents reveal an entirely different dimension of the waterfall. Of course for this shot to work, you have to use a tripod and have a cloudy day with no harsh sunlight. Click here to see a previous 'leaf swirl' photo. This small waterfall is located above the main 60' Red Fork Falls in Unicoi County, TN. With eight different waterfalls, it's a great place to explore! But as always when I write about Red Fork, I have to note that this is one of the most dangerous destinations in our area, the easy accessibility of the falls often lures visitors into places they should not go. So if you visit, be careful! (Click here, here and here for more information). Click here for my previous posts for directions, photos and descriptions of the hike.

Click here for a post listing all there is to see and do on Unaka Mountain.


  1. What a splendid photo......those conditions look perfect!! I'll have to read more about this place, 8 waterfalls......I'm intrigued :)

  2. Thanks for the info on how you got the color--now to remember to direct my brother to this photo. I think he will be interested.


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