Friday, June 5, 2009

Jones Falls Revisted

Jones Falls is found along the Appalachian Trail near the TN/NC border. As I explained in greater detail in my initial post, there are different theories on which is the best way to get to this remote waterfall. Today, I went in the way I know: on the AT from the Tennessee side. But I met someone at the falls who I convinced me that the trail from Elk River Falls is the easier trail (though it takes about the same amount of time). So I'll try that one next time and will give my take on the trail coming in from the NC side. If you click on the above link, you'll find a number of very helpful comments left by fans of this unique and beautiful waterfall. Pictured here is the profile view of the top portion of the falls.

Update: Head over to RATtreks for a description of the Elk River Trail to Jones Falls.


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  2. I took the Elk River Falls path today and it was a pretty easy out and back about 3.5 miles. The directions in your blog were quiet accurate even down to the campsite before crossing Jones Branch. On the way back I took the river trail - big mistake. I had to fight through laurels and logs, nettles and thorns. Stay on the service road and your trip will still be enjoyable. I really enjoy this blog and I take some incredible pictures although they don't even compare to what Mark shoots.


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