Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking Glass Falls

With some 250 waterfalls, Transylvania County, NC (which is south of Asheville) is known as "The Land of Waterfalls" -- if you love waterfall hunting, this is the place to go. There are a number of helpful websites to help plan your journey: an interactive map, photo galleries of various falls, and contains photos and detailed directions. But by far the best guide to the area is Kevin Adam's book, North Carolina Waterfalls.

I remember somebody once looking at one of my waterfall photos and asking me, "Can you see it from your car?" Which cracked me up, not only because the hike to that particular waterfall was actually quite rigorous, but because in a way, she was saying, "I'd really like to see that, but only if I don't have to get out and actually walk." Well, Looking Glass Falls is the waterfall for her. It is one of the most accessible waterfalls to be found anywhere. For those who love nature but don't want to set foot in it, here is a waterfall you can actually see from your car! For the truly ambitious, there are a number of stairs leading down to the base of this spectacular waterfall.

Looking Glass Falls is a 60 foot free-fall on Looking Glass Creek found outside of the city of Brevard, NC. Its beauty, power and accessibility make it one of North Carolina's most popular waterfalls. If planning a trip to the area, you should also consider visiting other nearby waterfalls: Moore Cove Falls, Sliding Rock Falls, Slick Rock Falls, Cove Creek Falls and Daniel Ridge Falls (aka Toms Spring Falls).

Directions: From the intersection of N.C. Route 280 and U.S. Routes 64 and 275 outside of Brevard, turn north on Route 276 and drive for 5.6 miles to a long, narrow roadside parking area on the right.

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  1. We are camping in Rosman NC and plan to visit Looking Glass Falls tomorrow,thanks for the information


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