Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moore Cove Falls

Above: Jesse and Buddha admire Moore Cove Falls.

Just up the road from Looking Glass Falls is this beautiful 50' waterfall located in the deep woods. Moore Creek is very small, so you'll want to visit after we've had some heavy rains. And if we've had some rains, you'll be thankful for all the little footbridges and board walks that have been constructed along the 0.7 mile trail. Winter is a great time to visit. When we visited there were still a few icicles hanging off the overhanging rock ledge. I love this photo of the falls in the winter time when the falling water created what looks like an ice volcano at the base of the falls. It's a terrific waterfall to photograph as you can approach it from various angles and heights. Walking behind the falls offers a unique perspective. More descriptions and photos here, here and here.

Directions: After visiting Looking Glass Falls, continue north on Rt. 276 for 1 mile, there is a roadside parking area and kiosk located right in front of a stone bridge over Looking Glass Creek. The trail (marked with yellow dots) begins by crossing the foot bridge located at the north end of the parking area, from there, the trail will parallel Looking Glass Creek before turning up Moore Creek.

Another Nearby Waterfall: Sliding Rock Falls. This is a very popular swimming destination (more of a slide than a waterfall), 1.1 miles north on Rt. 276 from Moore Cove Falls.

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  1. Can you hike Looking Glass Creek, to Moore Cove and to Sliding Rock Falls?


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